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Jun 2023 – 6 Kingsdown Parade House, progress on Site.

Kitchen is installed and ready. Sliding doors are leading out to the veranda which will be constructed shortly so that the client can soon enjoy their newly completed house this summer.

May 2023 – Waterlilies, progress on Site.

Hub building (on the right) is progressing fast. Some other small jobs are being carried out around the site but handover date is coming very soon.

May 2023 – Llandoger Trow, Planning Submission.

We have been immensely excited to work on one of the best loved buildings in Bristol, the Llandoger Trow pub in King Street. The venue owner is looking to improve the costumer experience by constructing a new, bigger bar at the back of the property which will better serve the crowds. A new roof is proposed at the back which will add height to the space and flood it with light.

Apr 2023 – Common Farm, progress on Site.

Common Farm extension project is located in Debry, a lot further than the projects we usually take on, but this process has been greatly eased by having a conspicuous and communicative builder. Recently, the Conservation Officer visited the site and declared the brickwork exemplary!

Mar 2023 – 6 Kingsdown Parade House, progress on Site.

Solar panels installed on the higher or the two roofs at Kingsdown Parade house will aid the electricity production and space heating.

Dec 2022 – 6 Kingsdown Parade House, progress on Site.

Drylining, plastering and Underfloor Heating all at once. Our Kingsdown Parade project is quickly starting to look like a home!

Oct 2022 – The Lanes Bristol, Planning Submission.

Built in 1931, the building is situated on 22 Nelson Street within the City and Queen Square Conservation Area and has now ceased to function as a labour exchange. After being vacant for many years it is now occupied as a music and entertainment venue including bars, a bowling alley and pizzeria. The proposal for the works is to enclose the existing ground floor level external rear courtyard area to create an exciting new music/performance venue and a new outdoor space in the form of a roof garden. Watch this space!

Sept 2022 – 6 Kingsdown Parade House, progress on Site.

Timber Frame is close to being completed and first windows are starting to do in. Next in the programme, external wall masonry and roofing. Updates coming soon!

Aug 2022 – Waterlilies, progress on Site.

Garden soil is going in. The final building to be completed on site is the Hub which is progressing nicely. We can’t wait to see the final result hopefully before Christmas!

Aug 2022 – 6 Kingsdown Parade House, progress on Site.

Timber frame is going up in lightning speed. Dovetail Construction are going an amazing job with the carpentry and drone photography of the site.
Photo by Dovetail Construction

Jul 2022 – Waterlilies, progress on Site.

Carpark decking is being waterproofed to receive the garden soil.

Jul 2022 – 6 Kingsdown Parade House, progress on Site.

Timber floor is shaping up! House frame will be up in no time.

Jun 2022 – 6 Kingsdown Parade House, progress on Site.

Blockwork supporting the timber floor is going up.

May 2022 – 6 Kingsdown Parade House, progress on Site.

Concrete raft is being poured to receive a raised timber frame structure with ground floor matching the street pavement level on this sloping site.
Photo by Dovetail Construction

Mar 2022 – 6 Kingsdown Parade House, progress on Site.

After the careful demolition of the existing house, an old, vaulted cellar is being retained on site.  The ground levels are now being reduced for the foundation.

Feb 2022 – 6 Kingsdown Parade House, progress on Site.

Demolition starts on No.6 Kingsdown Parade site. An old, dilapidated house will be replaced with a new highly insulated and sustainable family home.

Oct 2021 – Waterlilies, progress on Site.

Garden deck going in on top of the old reservoir. The car park is below the new communal garden to ensure the site is as green and open as possible.

Sept 2021 – Waterlilies, progress on Site.

Roof terraces are taking shape.

Jun 2021 – Waterlilies, progress on Site.

The lower terrace timber frame construction is progressing. Render finish being applied to upper terrace

Jan 2021 – Waterlilies, progress on Site.

The upper terrace is taking shape – good work by Dove Construction in these difficult winter conditions (not to mention Covid/global supply shortage/Brexit!)

Also, Bright Green Futures (the clients) are putting together videos about the project, follow this link:

Dec 2020 – 5 Kingsdown Parade.

Planning approval granted for five dwellings – just in time for Christmas!

Oct 2020 – Waterlilies, progress on Site.

Timber frames going up (view within house 5)…

Oct 2020 – Waterlilies, progress on Site.

Upper terrace slab being poured…

Aug 2020 – Kingsdown Parade, Five dwellings.

Planning Submitted (rear elevation of street facing homes).

Aug 2020 – Kingsdown Parade, Five dwellings.

Planning Submitted (rear elevation of sunken / garden houses).

July 2020 – Planning GRANTED for five houses, Brockweir.

We’re delighted to achieve Planning permission on a difficult brownfield site near the River Wye. Works on site to start in 2021…

June 2020 – Positive Pre-App response received.

We have had a positive engagement with the Planning dept. and are now working up a scheme for 20+ apartments in London.

May 2020 – Waterlilies, progress on Site.

Digging in levels for new houses, on the sloping site…

May 2020 – Waterlilies, progress on Site.

Clearance within the old reservoir…

Jan 2020 – Mixed Use scheme in London

We’re currently working on drawings for a consultation regarding a Mixed Use scheme in London, with 18no. elevated Residential apartments.

Jan 2020 – Bristol Memorial Woodlands starts on site!

Finally, our project for Bristol Memorial Woodlands takes a step towards reality. You can see more about the project in our ‘Non Residential’ projects page…

Aug 2019 – New Lido+Hotel?

Here’s a photo of the model for our proposed new Lido…

Aug 2019 – New Lido+Hotel?

We’ve been working on some ideas for a new Lido and Hotel project.

July 2019 – Planning GRANTED for Mixed Use unit in Hereford

The Refurbishment and roof top extension of City Centre building, creating 6no. Residential units above Retail units. Here are some of the sketches from the initial workings..


May 2019 – Planning submitted in Penzance

We try our best to work on unique and interesting schemes, and a drive through pasty shop is definitely a first for us … perhaps the world?! We’ve worked up a scheme, on behalf of Cornish Oven, which is now in for planning.

April 2019 – Planning GRANTED for five houses on a brownfield site in a Gloucestershire village

One house fronts the high street, which will completely refurbished, re-clad and extended over two storeys. While there are four homes proposed within the site – two generous flats re-using / replacing an existing building (depending on further structural analysis), and two new semi-detached houses proposed to the south of the site in the old service yard.

March 2019 – House COMPLETE on site

We’re pleased to announce the completion of a home in Amberley, Gloucestershire that we’ve been working on. The original bungalow has been extensively reorganised and extended, into a handsome and functional two storey house.


February 2019 – Planning GRANTED and technical design work progressing…

For a replacement house on a corner plot on Kingsdown Parade in Bristol.

January 2019  – Building Control APPROVAL – 33 dwellings

Bristol Building Control have approved our proposals at KingsWeston Reservoir, Bristol. Now on to the Tender documents…


November 2018 – Planning GRANTED – 33 dwellings

We’re delighted to announce Planning permission being granted for our proposal at KingsWeston Reservoir Bristol, on behalf of our client Bright Green Futures and pioneer self-builders.

Frustratingly, it took over a year (after submission) for the scheme to finally go to committee, where it received unanimous support! This exciting scheme is well worth though, and we’re due on site in Spring 2019!

July 2018 – Highly Commended at the Civic Voice Design Awards

Thames Lido was Highly Commended in the ‘Historic’ category of the Awards, losing out to ‘Storyhouse’ in Chester. While we’re disappointed not to have won, it’s great to see the Lido competing with projects with budgets 10 times larger! In addition, the Lido was delivered for roughly half of the £/m2 … relatively speaking, we’ve done a lot with a little.

June 2018 – Shortlisted for Civic Voice Design Awards

After being nominated by Reading Civic Society, Thames Lido has been shortlisted in the 2018 National Awards.

Thames Lido is one of 12 schemes which has been shortlisted across England, for their ‘high quality design and positive community impact’. There are four different categories, and the Lido is placed in the ‘Historic’ category.

If you like to support the Lido please follow this link: and click on the ‘heart’.

March 2018 – Planning GRANTED in Cornwall

We’ve obtained planning permission for this family home in Cornwall. A refurbishment and large scale extension of an existing bungalow is proposed, which creatively re-uses of the existing structure and services, to minimise waste and help keep construction costs down. The site borders an AONB, so the proposals maximise the expansive views (where the current bungalow did not), whilst improving environmental performance and responding to the expanding accommodation and life style needs of the family.

The scheme is now proceeding towards a start on site.

February 2018 – Shortlisted for two RICS Awards

We’re delighted to announce that the recently completed Thames Lido has been shortlisted for the Building Conservation and Tourism and Leisure categories of the 2018 National RICS Awards.


January 2018 – Planning submitted for Reservoir conversion

We’ve been working on the conversion of a subterranean reservoir tank in Cornwall, to provide accommodation. The conspicuous scheme offers a creative reuse of a redundant asset, which is sensitive to its wonderful coastal setting.

December 2017 – Thames Lido COMPLETE

After four years of involvement, we’re delighted to see the end result. It really is a special place. The team on site have done a meticulous job, and it’s been a pleasure working with the Lido team again!

November 2017 – Planning Submitted at KingsWeston Reservoir

The ‘Waterlilies’ scheme will provide 33 homes around a former reservoir. The designs have been worked up with Bright Green Futures, Community Self-build Developer, and the pioneer self-builders themselves.

October 2017 – Progress at Thames Lido

We’re very nearly there at Thames Lido. Lovely to the see the building at nigh; here is the new function room extension.

September 2017 – Burwalls Lodge – nearly COMPLETE

We’re not far off Practical Completion at Burwalls Lodge, and it settling into the garden nicely!

August 2017 – Planning APPROVAL at Egypt Mill.

We’re delighted to have achieved Planning Approval at Egypt Mill, Nailsworth – for their Embankment Hotel scheme, proving 17 apartments, ancillary spaces for the wider hotel, and surrounding car park and landscape works.

July 2017 – Parks Building, Reading – COMPLETE

We’re pleased to see the ‘Parks Building’ for Reading Borough Council complete (minus surrounding landscaping), forming parts of the works at Thames Lido.

May 2017 – Progress at Burwalls Lodge

Burwalls Lodge is being carefully pieced together, and the new elements are taking shape. The subterranean extension roof is going in and the new Ground floor level extension brickwork is looking good.

April 2017 – Progress at Thames Lido

We’re pleased to see the Sauna spaces taking shape at Thames Lido. The beautiful brickwork and concrete will be exposed in rooms when they’re finished.

March 2017 – Progress at Burwalls Lodge

After a wet and difficult winter period, we’re pleased to see the underpinning work drawings to an end at Burwalls Lodge. Meanwhile the team are also making good with the internal refurbishments.

February 2017 – Planning APPROVAL at Memorial Woodlands!

Having seen the scheme go before the Planning Committee, we’re delighted to announce that it was strongly supported and has been approved. Bristol Memorial Woodlands now have the opportunity, after a long process, to progress their scheme – consisting of a new chapel, reception building, memorial monument and ancillary accommodation.

January 2017 – Progress at Thames Lido

The team are making fantastic progress at Thames Lido, Reading. The project is due for completion before the end of the year, watch this space…

December 2016 – Progress at Burwalls Lodge

Works are underway at Burwalls Lodge; a substantial renovation and extension will transform this Leigh Woods property.

November 2016 – Design work at Henleaze Lake Swimming Club

We recently were selected after a competitive interview process to work on a Master Plan strategy at the lake. As the Club nears its centenary, we’ve worked alongside the Development Committee to  arrange phased future works across the wonderful site.